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Get total value for money with our reliable chiropractic service in Joplin and surrounding areas. Take your first steps to a healthy life, free of vertebral subluxation leaving all your pains and injury treatments to us.

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Don't suffer in silence when your problem can be treated easily and naturally! Come to Johnson Jeffery CM DC and we'll give you a reason to smile again. Our treatment methods have been tried and tested to produce long-lasting results.

Have you been bogged down lately due to intolerable pain and severe injuries? It's time to reclaim your life by regaining your fitness. And we'll help you achieve this with efficient chiropractic care!

Worried our services will cost you a fortune? Don't let money issues force you to deal with constant pain and discomfort. We'll give you result-oriented treatment that's well within your budget!

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We're committed to providing you with services that cater to your healthcare needs. Affordable chiropractic care is only a phone call away! Call TODAY!


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